the founder of the boutique wedding dresses Angelo Bridal in Dublin Cicak Oana (Oana Chaicac) has created a mask in the tone of the wedding dress that became popular among brides. Reported by the Daily Mail.

the Woman opened her store in February, but was forced to suspend his work due to pandemic coronavirus. However, to support health workers, Cicak made masks are handmade and put them on mannequins in wedding dresses that were on display.

“We received a lot of positive feedback from passers-by who smiled at us and took pictures of the window” — said the founder of the boutique.

According to the woman, the accessory has attracted interest from shoppers, and the store received many orders for decorated with lace and pearls mask.

“If will be more requests, we will ask designers to develop a collection of masks, and after the launch sales will donate money to medical institutions”, — said Cicak.

In may, the bride-to-be showed a way to get wine stains and bronzer with dresses and surprised users. Boredom in isolation Jessica Maxine Clough (Clough Jessica Maxine) decided to wash off your outfit with the stain remover. So, she soaked the dress in cold water with the solution, poured clouded the water and repeated this process. In the end, the outfit was returned to its original appearance.