netizens called ugly masks of the bride and groom that they have chosen to hold a wedding ceremony during a pandemic coronavirus. Published on the web pictures drew the attention of journalists Yahoo.

Anonymous the lady posted a picture which depicted two accessory white, worn on the mannequins. The products are made of lace fabric and decorated with an oversized bow and beading. “I’m not the only one who thinks this is disgusting?” — signed a publishing author.

Other commentators have agreed with his opinion and made fun of the choice of the pair. “Some Bridal mask is good, but these are just awful,” wrote one. “Oh my God, what is that?” — asked the second. “I understand that we all have to hold a celebration in disguise, but you could choose a less ugly?” — concluded third.

In March, ridiculous images of young people decide to get married during a pandemic coronavirus, ridiculed in the network. So, one of the couples to pose in home clothes and masks, respirators, showing a wedding ring in the yard of a private home. Another photographed in medical masks and blue rubber gloves instead of wedding dresses.