First, the good news on the subject of Corona-crisis for motorists: An infection by direct contact with Infected according to the WHO, at least much more probable than a Transmission via contact with surfaces such as the steering Wheel.

However, Sars-CoV-2 can survive on plastic, well, according to the WHO, a few hours to several days. Say: Who carried the Virus from a doorknob on Hand in the car, not going on it after the ride, even after washing your hands easily – the next time you travel, it still lurks in the Cockpit.

household cleaners

is Not enough when different people use the same car, so, when possible, wash hands prior to travel fashionable and the cleaning of the interior. This must not be done with the currently rare a disinfectant: as for the hands, the soap, commercial household is currently cleaner than enough. The Federal office of public health (FOPH) recommends: “the surfaces with 0.1-percent Javelwasser clean.”

you should buckles Clean, especially the steering Wheel, touch screen and control elements (steering column levers, buttons, etc.), Interior door handles and Belt.

cleanliness is mandatory

Who wants to go (to the second around after a ride), can. parts are summed up instead, or additionally with disinfectant and the car through the air While driving Hand from the steering Wheel to the face (especially eyes, nose, mouth), but only after washing hands. Important: the steering Wheel never with means to clean, which can make it slippery.

otherwise, Hygiene is the most Used handkerchiefs, not in the car, but dispose of it. Then once more wash your hands.

convection is taboo

Yes, the air conditioner is allowed to run. However, the recirculation feature should stay out: Circulates the air-conditioning air in the car, instead of fresh air being sucked in can help the pathogens, because they are stirred up. This applies, in particular, if one is traveling alone: distance is in the car difficult.

Many cars have air-conditioning filter. The usually serve rather to Pollen. But there is no danger of viruses from the outside to suck is.

What is the Coronavirus is?

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