Prostitutes throughout the world lose their customers because of the coronavirus losing business brothels in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Adelaide, Seattle

the Prohibition referred to all small businesses operating in the service sector, including the Ban applies to all small businesses operating in the service sector, including “self-employed” workers in the sex services of the famous Red light district in Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, workers in the sex industry are self-employed, pay taxes

In Europe, the US, Australia the epidemic of the coronavirus almost completely stopped working another sector of the economy. In the sphere of rendering of intimate services to the population now a lull. Prostitutes have lost clients because of the widespread distribution Covid-19.

the government of the Netherlands to prevent the spread of the virus, March 15, decided to close at least three weeks, all the cultural and entertainment facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants. The prohibition referred to all small businesses operating in the service sector, including “self-employed” workers in the sex services of the famous Red light district in Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, workers in the sex industry are self-employed, pay taxes.

as the stream of customers dried up (now they prefer the self-isolation and virtual sex), the female sphere sex services without funds. And although the government promises to help small businesses deferred tax payments under the new conditions is necessary as-that to earn.

Prostitutes in a situation of restrictive measures turned out to be the most vulnerable because they have no permanent income and no paid sick leave. So one of them is collecting money to support affected colleagues through the website Dutche Mergency Fund. Member of the Dutch trade Union PROUD, uniting workers in the sex industry, working under the pseudonym Hella Dee has already been gathered via the Internet 6.4 thousand euros. Now she is planning to give 40 euros to the most needy colleagues.

According to the UN, in the Netherlands in the field of sex services employs about 25 thousand people, most of them women. In turn, the trade Union PROUD to declare that prostitutes is much greater because many are still working illegally.

In Berlin, the situation is similar – amid concerns over new coronavirus from the representatives of one of the world’s oldest professions there is a widespread decline. In a brothel “Lankwitzer 7” on the outskirts of Berlin have installed dispensers with a disinfectant. The staff boiled the towels and sheets, often ventilate the room. But despite all the precautions clients still there. The proprietor complains that over the past week income from his business has fallen by 50%. According to him, in Berlin since the beginning of the epidemic, the night life almost ceased. On 14 March, the government temporarily closed all entertainment establishments, including brothels.

According to the press-Secretary of the Association of providers of erotic and sexual services (BESD) Suzanne Vilp, which itself had previously worked in this field, some sex workers decided to go out of business, or temporarily stop working for reasons of safety, or go on home visits and in hotels.

In Germany, where prostitution was legalized almost 20 years ago, at the moment there are about 200 thousand sex workers. The vast majority of them are forced to continue working because the government will not compensate them for the loss of income. Unlike other working citizens of Germany workers in the sex-industry as self-employed, get nothing from the government provided 500 billion euros of subsidies to companies facing financial difficulties due to the outbreak of coronavirus. They carry all the risks themselves.

Those who decide to continue working, trying to somehow protect themselves by requiring that customers themselves obezzarajivatmi and wore masks, although in the case of physical contact it does not stop the spread of the virus.

And in Stuttgart all the brothels were closed on March 13 for the authorities. In his hometown for the European command of the armed forces of the United States (where is located the headquarters EUCOM) now, there is no open sex establishments. In fact, it is now forbidden any form of prostitution. And financial flows from the many American servicemen living in the Stuttgart area (there is a total of more than 20 thousand), stopped by the local prostitutes.

In the United States the epidemic of the coronavirus also brought about changes in the activity of female sex services. In Seattle, where was the first recorded death from COVID-19 in the U.S., now about 200 cases and 22 fatalities. Local prostitutes require customers to measure the temperature, forced to wash with hot water and disinfectants have imposed a total ban on kissing. Many quit their usual work, switching to webcaming.

In the sex industry Seattle has seen an unprecedented collapse in demand. Street prostitutes also argue that customers have all but evaporated.

In the local Center for disease control have noted that intimate contact is one of the most effective ways of Contracting the virus. But workers in the sex industry do not have social securitys, the state will not help them to survive the sudden loss of income, so none of them can afford for a few weeks or even months to turn the work, having gone to samkranti. As one of the sex workers Seattle Shera of Lassell, “no social distancing, if your salary depends entirely on the degree of socialization”.

in addition, prostitutes note that in the sex industry the main customer segment is men older than 60 years, that is exactly the group of people most at risk of infection with coronavirus and death. Conscious of the danger that these customers cease to contact, which can threaten their health and life.

as due to lack of demand, sex workers can no longer pay the rent in the rooms where they did, many went to the streets. And this, in turn, forced street prostitutes reduce the usual rates (the charge for oral sex has fallen from $ 60 to about $ 30).

According to the public organization Green Light Project, the current situation with the price dumping has led to the fact that buyers of sexual services began to behave more aggressively and violently. Many clients refuse to use condoms, saying that if the coronavirus is transmitted by any bodily contact, why I need gum. Increasingly, clients require and anal sex. The shortage of clients, pimps recruit as many random girls trying to make up for falling revenues, and generally refuse to rent any premises – thus prostitutes are even deprived of access to hot water and soap between customers, writes the Huffington Post.

To workers in strip clubs Seattle also affected by the economic consequences of outbreaks of coronavirus infection. Customers, considering that at least two meters is a safe distance, protecting from infection by airborne droplets, stopped to order a private dance, during which the stripper sits on the lap of a customer. Girls on the dance floor before earned in a week up to 4000 dollars, now barely get $100.

because of coronavirus in the legal brothels Las Vegas introduced a new rule – customers are required to wear protective masks and to measure the temperature before the sessions. Mandatory they should wipe their hands with an antiseptic.

In Australia, the sex workers also lose income due to the spread of the coronavirus. “The industry is in a panic. It has affected everyone I know in the sex industry,” – said in an interview with the Australian ABC is a prostitute from Adelaide by the name of Anya. Just yesterday, she was forced to cancel a meeting with half of the clients. Someone picked up the phone, someone refused, citing changed circumstances…

“I wrote everything… If they feel any threat, all right, all right, from my side there will be no pressure,” says Anya, despite the fact that I had lost a part of income, and no social support from the state, she should not wait. According to her, the threat of infection was also the reason that customers seek to bring down prices.

In contrast to Ani, which has a “stash” which will allow six months to survive without a job her and her family, other workers in the sphere of sexual services was in a more vulnerable position.

the General Manager of the Australian state of organization of the Sex Industry Network (SIN) Kate Morrison says that now the whole of the sex industry will be forced to adapt to the new conditions of life in the coronavirus.

“we Have bills, we have rent, we need a steady income”, so someone will go to online services in webcaming, in porn, the other “perekvalifitsiruetsya” in masseuses, says Morrison.

It stressed that workers in the sex industry nor to any case cannot be considered to be largely responsible for the spread COVID-19 than those who came from Italy or from the Ischgl ski area, as workers in the sex industry better than the General public aware of how to avoid infections and how to maintain health.

But how sure all workers in the sex industry is now in a worldwide spread of coronavirus infection people will have to somehow change your approach to sex and Dating.