The the at the Friday published the KOF employment indicator shows. Quarterly by the economic research unit of ETH Zurich (KOF), the calculated value is recorded in the first quarter of the new year at 5.6 points to +4.4 points in the first quarter.

The indicator is currently slightly above the long-term average, which is close to zero. Overall, the short-term Outlook for the labour market remain “quite pleasing,” said KOF. Because a majority of the company is of the view that their current staff was too small. At the same time, a majority of the surveyed companies expect you’ll increase in the next three months.

However, according to the KOF major differences between individual industries. Positive is the situation in the construction industry. Here, the employment indicator increased again and reached such a high indicator value as last six years ago. The good order situation in the Low – and Commercial construction seem to result in job creation, it said.

Encouragingly, the employment prospects for developed also in the case of insurers, wholesale trade and other service companies. To the latter count according to the KOF employment of relatively large sectors such as transport or the field of Information and communication.

Less well on the other hand, in the hospitality industry. Here the employment prospects are significantly more pessimistic than the beginning of the year. The indicator is slid in the negative area.

Also in the case of the banks, it’s not looking too well: The employment indicator for this sector since one year in the negative range. The Situation had moved, finally, in industry and in the retail trade. Their employment indicators are close to zero, it is likely neither a set structure nor a removal, how the KOF wrote.

The KOF employment indicator is calculated from the quarterly business surveys conducted by the KOF covers approximately 85 percent of the employment in the private sector. The positive indicator value is the result of a higher proportion of survey participants who want to create in the coming months, in comparison to those that are planning the opposite. (SDA)