The prospects of concluding a new agreement to replace the Treaty on open skies (DON) no, such an agreement is not necessary, said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“the prospects of concluding a new Treaty to replace the DON there, and these perspectives are not needed. The contract works perfectly and provides European security,” Ryabkov said on air of the First channel, reports TASS.

Ryabkov praised the prospects for the Treaty on open skies

He noted that the Russian side is considering various options in response to the exit of Washington from DON.

“We have now delved into the analysis of the different options, our position is free, we have nowhere to hurry,” added the diplomat.

Ryabkov explained that the transfer of the U.S. its allies of information obtained through the DON, after the Washington agreement will create political and legal problems.

“I do Not see any problems from the point of view of consequences for our security from the US withdrawal from the Treaty, they will be in the contract, will not be. If the contract continues, their allies, probably, you will find forms, how to share information with the United States, and Vice versa. Although it is, in our view, extremely problematic from a political and legal point of view,” he said.

We will remind, on Thursday the President of the United States Donald trump announced the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies.

The speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi criticized the us President Donald trump criticized for this decision. Media reported that the US allies in NATO, an emergency meeting of ambassadors of the Alliance urged the us side to withdraw from the agreement.