Prosecutors in the case

a Small room 224 garrison military court was Packed journalists, students took the bench that the officers had put in place chairs the jury, dozens of people listened to the process of standing up, the crowd literally spilling out into the hallway through the open door.

Ilya Sikorski, received 16 years of strict regime for participation in a terrorist community, told the court that he did not know the defendants in St. Petersburg Victor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova. Filinkov of the St. Petersburg court said that he saw Shaturskogo only videos online, Boyarshinov admitted that familiar with Shkurski, but the relationship they have “no”.

the Prosecutor asked Shaturskogo know whether he does Pchelintseva (Penza others convicted in the case).

– And this is something have to do with your criminal case?

– Ilya, the witness then does not ask questions.

Sikorski remembered that with Pchelintseva met about 2014 on the basis of fascination with music, the “gym” left-wing activists denied.

– if you Went with Pchelintseva in Saint Petersburg to participate in meetings, congresses and meetings with some people?

– and Pchelintseva I did not go, and a lot of times I was in St. Petersburg. I went to have fun, concerts, meet with my friends.

Then the Prosecutor of Petersburg has started to ask about that, did he Pchelintsev about the plans for the overthrow of the state construction Committee, they prepared models of weapons.

– and Pchelintseva we have no friendship was not!

– have you Read anarchist literature?

I read different literature, philosophy, including the anarchist.

– Read, so…

At this point in the audience laughed, the judge promised laughter from the audience udplite.

– are you Familiar with Zorin, Ivankin?

– Yeah, I know, because they have become defendants in a criminal case.

Separately, and for a long time the court discussed the text files (“the Revolution will” and other) which appear also in the St. Petersburg case.

Sikorski told that “ToshiBA”, its only a working laptop, no password, and the second laptop (“Lenovo”), no hard drive, and he was not even included (in the case stated that the document was “Congress 2017”, one of the key milking the St. Petersburg case, found in the “Lenovo”). According to Shaturskogo, text files in his computer after his arrest and edited 30 October 2017 – that is, after his arrest. In addition the convicted person referred to the properties file: the name of the Creator (Shepelev) supposedly coincides with the name of the operative who was involved in a criminal case Shaturskogo and repeatedly tortured him.

He reiterated that he did not agree with the verdict, pleaded not guilty and said that at the end of October – November 2017 under torture he was forced to confess and “to slander innocent people.” Later Sikorski of the confession refused.

the State pedal that Shaturskogo the nickname “spike”, hinting at the secrecy in the left and anarchist environment that Sikorski said that spike was his name in the 2010/11 years when he was 14-15 years old and it was the normal teenage nickname, not a secret nickname. “I think not only the defendants on terrorist charges have nicknames – resented Sikorski Is common, schoolchildren, teenagers have a nickname.”

Introduction and any connection with the Boyarshinov and Filinkova Sikorski denied, while Boyarshinov said saw Shkurski in St. Petersburg in the winter of 2017 in a certain apartment. Sikorski objected in 2017 in the city it was only in March and could not happen with the Boyarshinov on some events – concerts, lectures, discussions (about feminism, anti-fascism).

– so you in any of the apartments were not?

– Well, somewhere in the night, someone stayed.

Again the smile in the hall.

the Prosecutor Then recalled the contradictions in the testimony Shaturskogo and it was decided to publish the text of the times predvaritelnoe investigation in Penza the case. Tellingly, in the St. Petersburg court Shaturskogo was questioned as a witness, and the testimony the Prosecutor read out in another case (Penza), received, according to Shaturskogo, under torture. “I these readings were not given, this text belongs to the investigator Tokarev, this is just a copy of one material assembled together,” prokomentiroval Sikorski. Protection Filinkova noticed that the protocols of interrogations supposedly conducted by the St. Petersburg investigator Harinam and Penza Tokarev, the same word for word – that is, the lawyer explained Cherkasov, between regions “walking stick” and the same text of the readings being attributed to the defendants – it is issued for the indications Filinkova “These indications are simply made in advance,” insists Vitaly Cherkasov. To prove to the court that the testimony of defendants in different criminal cases made as a blueprint, the magazine intends to subpoena the expert linguist.

Sikorski confirms the version of defender than his years: “the Interrogation of March 22, 2018 did not exist, the Protocol I did not sign. That day the investigator Tokarev conducted another interrogation, and I then refused to testify.”

according to earlier testimony, he was fond of anarchism (read Kropotkin and Bakunin) became acquainted with Pchelintseva at a music event and became friends with him on the basis of interest in anarchism. Pchelintsev allegedly told Shaturskom about training and preparation for overthrow of the state system, in which Sikorski agreed to participate (then followed a detailed description of the training). Then there was a speech about the cell “5.11” (after November 5) and “Network”, whose goal is the overthrow of power in Russia and armed seizure, the organization of the terror that was to begin with bombings of police departments. Also according to the testimony Shaturskogo in 2016 in Penza, he met Filinkova, which supposedly could “train”. After this meeting, Penza activists on “blah-Blah-Kara” went to the Congress, which was held at the safe house, where everyone used fake names (Filinkov was Gena, Boyarshinov – Jurassic) where was discussed the organisation of protests in Moscow.

the court Then questioned Maxim Ivankina, sentenced to 13 years of strict regime.

In court Ivankin said Victor Filinkova not know, saw once – “in the cage” in Penza, when there was a confrontation – “and so heard”. And Pchelintseva and rough Ivankin acknowledged acquaintance, but denied participation in the development of the “Vault Networks”. Version Ivankina, when he was arrested in Moscow and brought to Penza UFSB, he said that “confession has already been obtained, including me. Wanted me to do, so I confessed and incriminated others. I was put in a cell, testified Shaturskogo, Pchelintseva and Zorin for me – as I understand it, it was copies of interrogation protocols. It follows from them that I supposedly participated in some training, which in fact was role-playing games”. Operative Shepelev told Ivankin in court, threatened him, sitting opposite, playing with a utility knife and poking him in the face, – in such an environment, according to Ivankina, he confessed.

In General, judging from the testimony given in court, of all convicts in the case “Network” often Ivankin communicated with Pchelintseva, which went to nature and played airsoft. “We went Hiking, for example in the neighboring village, to give concerts for children.”

a Picture of a terrorist organizatsii “Network” again the strange double vision – if you believe what they say on camera the defendants in court, they are nothing more than reading Kropotkin inventors who love an active lifestyle and involved in volunteering, which was forced under torture to confess to belonging to a terrorist community. According to earlier protocols of interrogations, all the defendants in the harsh underground, ready to terror. The situation is complicated by the fact that no actual terrorist actions alleged underground is not charged with, victims do not. Procedural inconsistencies, such as possible repeat word for word the testimony different people data in different time, obviously, the court should clarify with the help of experts.

Victor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova accused of involvement in the terrorist community, they face up to 10 and 15 years of imprisonment. Any acts not attributed to them, the victims do not. Both defendants insist that the reason for their detention was not, and about two years they are kept in prison illegally. March 11 was the deadline for detention, at the request of the public Prosecutor it was extended for three months – until June 11.

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