the Plan of ferjefri kyststamveg along the E39 from Kristiansand to Trondheim is noregshistorias largest vegprosjekt. It includes four-lane carriageway between Stavanger and Bergen.

Between the two cities there are two broad fjords that must be ferjefrie. The projects have been given the names Rogfast and Hordfast, and costs, respectively, of 17 billion and 37 billion.

Are both realized, it can utløysa need for that it is spytta yet more billions into the E39 between the two vestlandsbyane.

Will build a bridge over the tunnel

in the middle between the two projects is Bømlafjorden.

It opened Trekantsambandet in 2001. Two bridges and an eight-kilometer long underwater tunnel, replaced three ferry service between Stord, Sveio and associated energy through below for soon twenty years ago.

But the underwater tunnel suffer not the traffic one think occurs when the Rogfast and Hordfast open. Last autumn suggested the directorate of public roads therefore that the tunnel sometime in the future must be a second time.

– it should evaluate to build motorvegbru of the Bømlafjorden in place for a new underwater tunnel at the side of the old, says plandirektør Find Asmund Hobbesland in New Ways AS.

DEEP AND STEEP: Bømlafjordtunnelen on the E39 is a part of the introduced Trekantsambandet, and replaced three fergesamband in 2000.

Photo: Roy Hilmar Svendsen Satisfies neither the EU-requirements

The national vegbyggingsselskapet launching the idea in its fresh proposal to the priorities in the new national transport plan.

Bømlafjorden is demanding. It is deep, and has today a very deep and steep tunnel. One should think of a bruløysing, says Hobbesland.

Bømlafjordtunnelen is a steep, tofelts underwater tunnel that could not meet the EU their tryggleikskrav about the rise or rømmingsveg.

PLANDIREKTØR: Find Asmund Hobbesland in New Ways AS.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / NRK

The private vegselskapet has not created specific traséalternativ. Hobbesland admits that a bruløysing over the 4-5 km wide fjord is demanding.

– the first is a long bridge. Second, it needs an enough seglingshøgde that large konstruksjonar can passera.

He shows among other things, to Kvaerner’s shipyards that construct ships and platforms at Leirvik a little further in the Bømlafjorden.

But not least, this is the inlet both to all the Hardangerfjord and the inner seglingsleia south of Bergen. Thus, it is a fjord with very much ship traffic to and from Bergen harbor, the rest of the coast to the north, and the heavy industry sector in Hardanger.

the LONG BRIDGE: Bømlafjorden is at least four miles broad, whether a bridge, for example, is built above the current tunnel or farther east.

Less fuel

New Roads AS one of the estimated that the new carriageway between Stord and Bokn will cost 22,5 billion.

It is a moment and a very overall price. One must now see the totality between Bokn and Os.

Want to bridge across the Bømlafjorden be less expensive than one or two new series?

– It is not safe, but there are benefits with the bridge. A release to have driven that far down. The tunnel must either be very steep up and down, or much longer in order to satisfy the EU requirements to the gentle slope and jamnare curves.

For business, a flat bridge give much less drivstoffbruk than a steep trip down under the sea bed.

– It turns sharply out of the economy in tungtransporten, but also for trafikktryggleiken. The risk of varmgang in the brakes and fire trail with steep up – and nedkøyring.

BØMLAFJORDEN A possible pathways for the bridge across the Bømlafjorden runs just above the current tunnel, from Føyno (in the foreground) via Otterøya to Valevåg in the south.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese, norway / NRK Will either have a bridge or tunnel

Tysnesordførar Bill Martin Kleppe (H) is samferdsletalsmann in Operation for Sunnhordland. He thinks the idea of Bømlafjordbru is exciting.

– It is natural to look at the new and other solutions of the Bømlafjorden, to get the most possible back for the money. Also tryggleiksperspektivet does it make sense to evaluate the bridge when the road is oppgraderast.

Fylkesleiaren in Norges Naturvernforbund, Gabriel Fliflet, is both against Hordfast and all Ferjefri E39-plan, including the idea of Bømlafjordbru.

– One or two new series under the Bømlafjorden, or bridge over, has to do with a will, the britons, the pace and the standard of the carriageway. We are completely against.

Fliflet think utbyggingstilhengarane has been strategically silent about both the economy and the * carriageway between Hordfast and Rogfast.

– No one talks bad about it. For strategic reasons, thinking them well that Hordfast is more than enough in this place, and so they come rather back to the next utgiftsbombe in a new round.

the BRIDGE OR TUNNEL: Tysnesordførar Bill Martin Kleppe (H) like the idea of the bridge.

Photo: Stine Mari Velsvik / NRK No hurry

the Man who in his time was krumtappen to build Trekantsambandet between Stord, associated energy through below and Sveio, Øyvind Halleraker, is now a leader in the lobbyselskapet Hordfast AS.

He påpeikar that the carriageway over or under the Bømlafjorden is not necessary before Hordfast is built, paid off and bompengefri, perhaps around the year 2040.

– It is far into the future and still unclear what solutions that can be relevant when, as we have a good time.

While the New Roads AS no proposes Bømlafjordbru, shows Halleraker to the Norwegian public roads administration until now has allowed be to planlegga how to redeem motorvegkryssing of the Bømlafjorden.

Halleraker says there is often criticism against the large vegprosjekt in the beginning, but that the stilnar after every.

– This type of pionerprosjekt are often met by resistance, and when they come in place, dabbar resistance of the.