Behind the scenes at the Ministry of Defense, plans by Christine Lambrecht (SPD) are causing trouble: According to information from “Business Insider”, there should be an exception to the rule for promotions for civil servants who have just come to the ministry. In practice, these can then be transported faster than others. However, since the SPD officials from her environment in particular, who have recently come to the ministry with her, would benefit from this, there is a great deal of anger behind the scenes in many other places.

Depending on the career path, it has actually been stipulated that employees can only be promoted to the next higher salary group after several years of “standing time” in a post – provided, of course, that the assessment is correspondingly good. In the Ministry of Defence, in particular, the regulations on this are stricter than in other houses. Lambrecht and her state secretary now apparently want to meet these requirements for standing time.

An internal paper on the personnel development concept states: “In order to take into account the special situation of changing business areas or departments in the case of staff who are already civil servants, the regulations on the build-up of assignments in Section 3.1 of this provision for This group of people does not apply to this group of people for a period of four years from the time they are taken on with regard to promotion to the next higher office.

Upon request, a spokeswoman confirmed such considerations. For example, one is examining “to promote lateral entry, i.e. the covering of personnel requirements outside of the Bundeswehr’s own career training.” Further: “The focus here is on lateral entrants who switch to the Bundeswehr division from other departments or from outside the public service and their previous career planning could not be aligned with the requirements of the personnel development concept of the Bundeswehr.

In an exchange of views with the personnel already working in the Bundeswehr, it is currently being examined how entry into the Bundeswehr can be made easier for them.” The spokeswoman emphasizes that the examinations have not yet been completed. In fact, the main staff council, among others, would have to agree.