Susanne Kunz (40) is not the only Swiss personality, which depends on your secure Job on the nail. Other celebrities to show how many different ways there are for a living, develop. From the catwalk in the Gebärsaal, of the entrepreneur of the year Märlibuch-author. And from the “best was still to come of the Nation” at the small theatre performers.

four and a half years, she moderated the SRF-Show show “Glanz & Gloria”. She moved to the health magazine “pulse”, then, she was the media spokeswoman for the Circus Knie. Today, she is married to actor Anatole Taubman (48) and mother of the joint, and a half year old son, Henry. Together with a friend, she has launched the children’s book-App “Taras stories”.

Nidecker (39) With 20 years, she moderated the SRF youth program “Oops!”. She was with Médecins Sans Frontières and program Director of Energy Basel. Last year they drew in the “love life” to their guests the most intimate secrets. A further season is planned on the part of SRF. New Nidecker CEO of the Open Ride, an Indoor Cycling Studio, the promises from late summer, a new Fitness and lifestyle concept.

Bea Petri (63) For the SRF-series “Lüthi und Blanc”, “day and night” and other feature films she was the chief make-up artist. She founded the make-up bar, and in 2012 she was elected Swiss entrepreneur of the year. Petri founded in Burkina Faso, the training centre ‘Nas Mode’. Recently, they bought in Toggenburg, a retreat and event oasis. At the end of August, her first children’s märlibuch appears “Bia discovered Africa”.

Hefti (39) in 2004, she was elected to the most beautiful Swiss. Four years ago, the trained primary school teacher and a journalist rolled up her life. The mother of three children, separated from her husband, former commodities trader, Christian Wolfsberger (48), came with a children’s doctor from Zurich and a four-year, full-time, began studying to be a midwife.

Hässig (40) As the Morning show host at Radio Energy, he accompanied with his fresh style to his audience in the day. His face was by its SRF quiz show “Less is more” known. By a civil service in a hospital, he knew, in spite of the successful media jobs, what he wants, and decided last year to make a training to become a nursing professional.

Thurnheer (69) As “Schnuri of the Nation” is the former SRF-sports – and “Benissimo”-a Moderator, by his eloquence cult status. After he was adopted by the Swiss television, he tried out also like New– how to sing on the stage and rap. Last September, he married his life partner, Kathrin (61), the couple lives together, however.