ten years Ago, excelled Ariella Kaeslin (31) of the gymnast-European Championships in Milan, won a bronze medal in the multi-combat as well as a gold medal at the jump. 2011 at the European Championships in Berlin, and a bronze medal in the leap came once again. Thereafter, the Lucerne announced their withdrawal from elite sport.

That she not only had easy times of it, Ariella Kaeslin makes no secret of the fact. Also in the Podcast with Kurt Aeschbacher she gives to the question, “How are you?” in an open and honest information about her cancer diagnosis, her seven-year-old dog Clowie and the harsh manners in the world of elite sport.

“When you hear day in and day out that you have too much weight on it, burns the. And one has the impression that it is not too difficult, although that is so,” she says, looking back. And indicates: “I have a very hard to find the middle.”

More about Ariella Kaeslin you’ll learn in the Podcast that was created in cooperation with the cantons and Pro Mente Sana.

tips for real conversations

talking Whether in private or in the Job: be Open about it, if it doesn’t feel good, it can be relieving and makes help possible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ask the question “How are you?” seriously and answer seriously. To how-are-you.ch there are many useful tips for conversations that go beyond superficialities in addition, advice and suggestions on the promotion of mental health.

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