one of the leading web devalues, today is the estimated worth of the to registered players. The coronacrisis the amount of the total impairment of approximately eur 9.2 billion. This is the first time that the site is about a general decline in the large-scale change.

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by default the value is determined by the individual player, and, on the basis of factors such as transfers of similar players, the transfer fees of the past, in the age of, played, scored, and performance on the highest level, plus the view of the media, fans, and visitors of the forum. Now, there is a general decline.

“a Lot of clubs will be able to trouble one’s head above water, and are in a state of great uncertainty,” explains company founder, Matthias Seidel, of. “It has an impact on the transferbeleid of a lot to learn. At the moment it is difficult to imagine that the rising trend with ever-higher prices even after the crisis stage of the season. Even though there are still exceptions that will be, we expect that, generally, less money is going to be for the players.”

Mostly the ‘older’ players will not be affected by the forced interruption, in accordance with the Transfers . Players who are for a 1998-born to lose 20 percent of market value of soccer players that, after 1998, in the light of day saw the loss of 10 percent of the time. All together, it would be to about 9.2 billion deal.

Jonathan and David, topt the top of the list in Belgium, with an estimated market value of € 25 million (Photo: BELGA