Someone can’t forgive Aizenshpis that he helped Viktor Tsoi to buy his first car at which wheel the and crashed 15 August 1990, on the way to early fishing in Latvia. Other evil for what it Aizenshpis the first to buy from composers and poets songs for their artists, fighting off potential hits of the honored artists. For “Call me in the night”, which became a major hit Vlad stashevskii, as asserted by the friends, and not stingy – paid eight thousand dollars.

Maybe they lied. But certainly it is Aizenshpis the first to pay journalists money of laudatory articles about his players. On the set of the TV program “Shark pen”, which in the 90s was invited by music stars and stars of journalism, one noisy today, the broadcaster went to halftime and handed out due to it from ayzenshpisa envelopes. Those who did not take it, the producer was not reproached. It was different. He had his rules.

Once behind the scenes of one of music awards columnist “RG” and then a journalist “Interlocutor”, saw Yuri Shmilevich efficiently and professionally beat the leading column of the daily youth newspaper. I would like to separate them, but the protection of ayzenshpisa politely stopped. Only when the execution was over, the bodyguards parted. The producer came out from the corner and one of them handed him a towel: obviously, this happened in their practice is not the first time…

of Course, after this spectacle, it was hard to answer his greeting: “Well, how are you?” To utter surprise was only a few words: “Considering how I criticize Vlad stashevskii me you probably shoot?” Aizenshpis even surprised: “why? You have nothing to fear, because you’re not taking my money.”

Yes, he played by the rules despite the fact that he was, in fact, a commercial entrepreneur in the music, zealously tried to get his protégé finally liked and incorruptible journalists. And I always follow the opinions of those whom he could not buy, and therefore trust their judgments especially eager. Sometimes saying “what you don’t like?” Sometimes argued and worried At the same time, it seems that he sent us a new record sooner than others. Albums and cassettes stashevskii Vlad, Katya LEL and Dima Bilan have accumulated since then very much.

this professional, established artists he didn’t recommend it and doesn’t push them. With the group “Kino” has started to work in 1989 and not trying to be a producer, as was considered for the position. But simply organized they have stadium tours. Maybe felt – the guys from the “Movie” does not listen to him: they all have character and know what they want. Once compared their success with famous in those years of “Tender may”, and highlighting the latter. It is clear that Choi was offended. Even, as they say, therefore he composed the song “Anthill”. But since Yuri Shmilevich with anybody did not compare and do not recommend it.

But one day, when it was very necessary – Aizenshpis showed himself as a tough producer: after the death of Viktor Tsoi left a rough recording of only voice and acoustic guitar – musician was doing in Riga sketches for a future album. Among them was the demo version: “End of summer”, “Red-yellow days”, “Star”, “the Cuckoo”.

I would Not make them disappear. And Aizenshpis taken for their money musicians “Cinema” in France. Do something, maybe not going to… And Studio in Paris, finalized the songs, left the party of their instruments and drive, who people called “the Black album”, became the “Movie” one of the best.

But with “Technology” then it did not work – the group suggested that 40 percent of the proceeds, and kept 60, while promising to invest the money in promotion. But when the group asked why advertising has not done anything and why eight concerts, she played free, allegedly to pay for some TV producer called artists “ungrateful swine”. Began bullying bandits, who after hearing ayzenshpisa, suddenly announced that “George, you’re wrong, the money guys need to return…”

a Lot of things was different from him. And group “the Alliance”, which refused to work with ajzenshpisom. And granieri Young Guns, where he played the current drummer of “Naive” Dmitry “snake” Khakimov from the “Naive” that spin failed. As Katya LEL or Linda, who have become national stars by Maxim Fadeev… was gone from the producer Vlad Stashevsky, Nikita, singer Sasha, the group “Moral code”.

And left him with the phrase: “Yes I any voiceless will make a star”. Now, with the development of computer technology, its like a recipe in show business, are already many.

As his new production standard: every morning Aizenshpis started with phone calls. Sometimes this is annoying: he called on the radio and reminded: “You had three afternoons to put our song on the air as we speak. Why, I heard only two spot”?! Now some producers are hired to be “advocacy,” even of a special Manager.

And three years after the death of the producer, which in 2005 became the liver cirrhosis and myocardial infarction, his last successful pupil Dima Bilan won the Eurovision song contest for Russia…


First and last book of Yuri Ajzenshpisa “Igniting stars. Notes and tips pioneer show business” was released after his death. Seems that some of her parting words modern producers are still…