the Ukrainian-Russian Director, producer Alexander Rodnyansky has announced a historic series “Red rainbow” on German gay activists, by mistake delivered the Central Committee of the Communist party in the Soviet Union. About the new project, he said in Instagram on Friday, may 8.

“In 1978, the CPSU Central Committee Secretary Ivan Kapitonov, who was on an official visit to Germany, accidentally took for the Communists fiery speakers at the rally young people and was invited to the USSR a group of German gay activists,” wrote Rodnyansky.

According to him, the rights to the story were acquired from the participants in real events, in particular to the translator, who accompanied the foreign delegation. “Her task was especially difficult — it was impossible to allow the higher authorities became aware of the mistake of comrade Kapitonova,” — said Rodnyansky.

He compared the upcoming series with such foreign projects as “Rubbish” and “just Kidding.” The release dates of the project are not specified yet.

Alexander Rodnyansky has produced such films as “Cornstalk”, “Leviathan” and “Dislike”.