Svetlana Loboda and Natella Krapivina

the network continued talk about the video Svetlana Loboda and rapper Pharaoh Boom Boom — five days after the premiere, but the number of video views is increasing along with the number of participants in the discussion about it. Some accused the authors of Boom Boom vulgarity, and the other called the clip of the feminist Manifesto. About public reaction to the clip, experiments Svetlana Loboda and the forbidden topics, the publication of the “Snob” I talked to the producer of the singer Natella Krapivina.

About the “new ethics”

I Have an ambiguous attitude towards “new ethics” and all its consequences. We seek a democracy that came to the distorted tolerance when every word you say can be used against you — no matter in what context you said it. It is impossible to understand what topics are available for discussion and which are not.

Natella Krapivina

About Svetlana Loboda

Light — a terrible experimenter, I often disagree with her choice, what can go, and what not, but that is what I respect her. Only a confident person is willing to change the agenda, to do something that breaks the templates and contrary to the huge number of convenient and trustworthy content, which awaits the audience.

Svetlana Loboda in the frame of the clip Boom Boom

About working with Alexander Gudkov

Working on the song Boom Boom, Sasha Gudkov, a man of provocative and talented — and he’s always walking on the edge and says what others are afraid even to think, — we were aware that the clip will cause resonance. But we are not scared. Such people we need, they are interesting to interact with.

About women and allegations of unethical

as for accusations of unethical, I just don’t understand what was going on. The song is tough, but truly highlights the situation that we have today. Many young women from different social strata for the sake of self-realization are forced to pander to the desires of men. We still live in a man’s world where women have seemingly appeared much more rights, but still do in many respects they still feel alien toys.

personal taboo subjects for jokes

Religion, children, victims of crime, a lot of those. Then again it all depends not from jokes, but from a specific point, from how it sounded, who said it. Around us a huge number of people, who can not be experts in one area or another, but somehow are opinion leaders. It is difficult to identify a list of topics and nuances that are not obygrav��be witty, each defines for himself.

Of children, and age limit

We placed correctly the age limit 18+, our target audience is not children. Although, of course, they still listen to us. It is impossible to take into account the interests of all. You can’t be a kitten, on which no one will point the finger and put seen yet We live in a different time today, a lot of freedom. When people ask me: “How so, how can you sing about the boom boom if you listen to the children?”, I want to answer: “Children, children listen to artists who openly use obscene language or promote drugs, and you can not use them to protect.”

About the filming of the video Boom Boom

We would like to collect the most bright girls with different layers of audience, opinion leaders in their age and social groups… Filmed two days: a long make-up, fittings, choreography… for example, Katya Barnabas not only starred in one of the roles, but also developed a motion was present during all filming. Lolita has spent a huge amount of time in a latex suit, and this one is worth it. Shmykova cooking is my favorite actress, I love her dream to make in his new film.

About freedom and the topic of sex

People are really careful with talking about sex. This is a complex topic, it is necessary to be sensitive — many people are not ready for it. When someone tries to be free and liberated, to visualize forbidden, of course, it can be subjected to severe criticism. But someone has to do it. Someone needs to take on this responsibility. We live in the XXI century, we want to raise a generation of free people. We want these free people had the right to choose who they be, whom to love, whom to have sex. In life outside of inhibitions there is nothing wrong. Another thing is that only educated people will be able to use such freedom.