Before F. W.* (52) on the fateful 24. July 2017 enters 10: 30 at the CSS office in Schaffhausen, he strengthens himself at the station with a Cup of coffee. Then he proceeds to act – up and running with a running chainsaw in the building of the insurance. There he attacked two employees, is trying to kill you. Today must be “sawing motor-man,” F. W. for it before the cantonal court of Schaffhausen answer. Accusation: multiple attempted murder, premeditated. The claim: a small storage.

The process occurs, although the psychiatric report F. W. has been classified as completely incompetent. The defendant suffers from a severe mental disorder. In Short: Schizophrenia.

defendant believed in the powers of the Mind

According to the indictment, he believed, the CSS staff would have him tried with the spirit forces attack. As F. W. on the Day with the motor running, the office saw enters, prepares M. F.* (42) at his place of work to a client meeting. In the next room. b.* (47) A. with two customers to a consultation.

The attacker has to first M. F.. He pushes the throttle of the chainsaw and tries to meet the insurance Advisor. In an arc movement, he makes the rotating Blades on his victims. M. F. jumps up from his chair and shouts: “Nei, nei, nei.” He holds his right Arm protectively over the head. The chainsaw hurt the back of the hand, the back of the head and, finally, also the temple. Only with a lot of luck, F. W. misses the vital organs.

colleague at work prevented further attacks

Then work colleague, A. B. comes to help. He yells at the chainsaw-man and tries him from the injured colleagues away. F. W. hunt, the CSS-man around the office – A. B. tried to escape, but the cutting edge of the chainsaw caught him, too. He suffered injuries to the chest and thigh.

Then manages to escape the two injured. You hide the store in the middle of the book. The attackers finally leave the CSS and flees. 24 hours later, the Odyssey is over. The police arrested F. W. at the train station in Thalwil, ZH.

* name known to the editors