Four handicapped children! Rheumatism, Asthma, the bleeder and the glass bone disease. So Maike B. (49) that caught people’s attention and pity in the German TV landscape and conceding of social services and health insurance funds of the equivalent of over 150’000 Swiss francs. They spoke to their children only sick. Until they believed it partially.

Only the eldest daughter, Jessica R. (27), saw through the lousy mesh. Now Maike B. stands for fraud and abuse before the regional court of Lübeck and Jessica R. says against you. Her mother had tried to convince them that you suffer from brittle bone disease, so the daughter. Yet the then 18-Year-old didn’t believe her, and let on your own to investigate. The doctor ruled out the disease.

When reviewers came, they had to in the wheelchair

“Always when the appraiser came to our home, the children in the wheelchair”, says Jessica before the court. “Then you should play a particularly sick.” As a reward, the mother had promised each toy. “And you said that we can continue with the money on nice stuff companies.”

remained, However, in the case of mere promises, as Jessica is in the courtroom on the record. Maike B. chased the children fear, painted the devil on the wall, so they played: “My mother told the children, their illnesses would not worsen, if you though sitting in a wheelchair.”

Degraded muscles, social exclusion

That left traces in the children, as a Prosecutor, Dorothea Röhl is running according to “”. “We expect that the children will have worn off by the Action of the mother’s physical and mental damage.” At some point, the children had believed himself to be seriously ill.

According to the indictment, the 10-year-old Jendrik had to Luke because of the many School absences due to visits to the doctor to repeat a class. Him and his sister Jennifer Selver (18) of a spoke Maike B., to suffer from brittle bone disease. Son Jerremy (15) lived in the Faith, to have rheumatism and he sat like his eldest brother, Jerome-Hannes (17) in a wheelchair. A maximum of 80 steps, they were allowed to go, such as “” reported. The consequences of lack of movement were, among other things, degraded muscles, and social exclusion.

reports are fake, false symptoms described

“you needed the attention,” said daughter Jessica in the process about your mother. In fact, Maike B. was in numerous TV Shows as a guest. Newspapers and magazines reported on them as a heavy fate struck mother, who never gave up shock. The 49-Year-old about appearances on the program “Stern TV”, on RTL, in the Talk Show Markus Lanz had. But also, Spiegel Online, several regional Newspapers and the magazine “the courier” of the Federal Association of Rehabilitation reported about you. to get

the lie alive, to Maike b. falsified medical reports and Doctors have described the wrong symptoms. The dizziness flew on, finally, when the authorities discovered 2016 inconsistencies and display refunded. The children were taken from child welfare in custody and in foster families. (noo)