The Greens politician Jeanne Dillschneider accuses her ex-partner, SPD member of the state parliamentary group S., of having raped her. In August 2020, she made it public herself and posted on Twitter: “I reported my rapist.”

The case has been before the Saarbrücken district court since Tuesday. According to “image” information, statement stands against statement. Dillschneider accuses him of raping her twice under the influence of alcohol in her apartment. According to the indictment, she cried during the assault, complained of pain and articulated that she did not want sex.

After testifying for several hours on Wednesday, Dillschneider was led outside in tears, she was shaking and was supported by her lawyer, the newspaper reports.

S. contradicts all allegations. According to him, the sex was consensual. Dillschneider and S. were a couple for almost a year. The process continues.