you are a truly awful cute family: the angel horns from Germany. Stinking rich and with each other spider enemy. A common denominator however, there is: the tax offices around the globe as little money as humanly possible to deliver. Tax optimization is called in the technical language.

However, the optimization could fall in the family is now on the feet. Because of an inheritance dispute that has landed in the Bern regional court of the Oberland. Because a daughter is suing her step-mother. As this step-mother – the widow of Curt Clover Engelhorn (1926-2016) – in a luxurious Chalet in Gstaad WORKING lives, such as the “Berner Zeitung” revealed.

Four women, an affair, a lot of kids

Curt Clover angel horn was the Patriarch of the family. He died in 2016 at the age of 90 years. Be big money he made in 1997 with the sale of the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Mannheim, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche without a single penny to the German fiscal authorities to deliver, such as “mirror” wrote a few years ago.

You have bypassed the “tax trap” successfully, quoted by the news magazine angel horn, “Mr. Waigel will annoy”. The Mr Waigel, the then German Minister of Finance. And the Takeover, then the largest in Europe.

Patriarch angel horn left behind at his death a widow, three Ex-wives, four daughters from two marriages, a son from an affair and a step-son, of the names of the BZ. Its assets the “balance sheet estimates” of around 3.5 billion Swiss francs.

The Plan of the Patriarch: The major part of his money to get his widow, since he had considered his children during his lifetime, generously, out of a total of 450 million euros per offspring, the speech is. There was, therefore, after his death, only 20 million Euro per child.

Deeper insight into the intertwined constructs

However, with such crumbs do not want to make a real angel horn-apparently, the daughter from his first marriage, who lives in the United States, has contested the inheritance. In the Bernese Oberland, because there is just the widow and stepmother’s home, at the Oberbort of Gstaad, next to the Palace Hotel.

Conceal, conceal, avoid: A popular for this vehicle for this so-called Trusts, investment vehicles which will mask the rightful owners are. Angel’s horn is said to have owned dozens of them, three of which now sit in front of the Bernese Oberland regional court also on the dock.

The inheritance dispute has rich: The regional court now has the opportunity to “look deeper into this angel horn-ash thicket of Trusts, foundations and shell companies” as per a authority before. The documents are under lock and key, but only up to the first day of the trial.

over the decades of tax-avoidance construct could collapse from greed or envy, a descendant within the shortest time. (koh)