Admittedly, A year of free travel for 3860 franc an attractive offer. Especially if you commute daily long distances. The GA owners, but now with even more money, you see, is so wrong as possible.

firstly, it is completely the wrong climate, it is a political Signal: if you want to reduce the CO2 emissions and has committed to Switzerland, will have to begin with the traffic. This is only possible with an attractive public TRANSPORT offer, which is more efficient than individual transport.

Of attractive public TRANSPORT is also Offered to the congested drivers will benefit secondly. Some of the GA-commuters would change on the car, if the GA is worth it. And the roads clog up even more. From the PUBLIC utility employers, too, have something: Who is sitting for an hour in the train, it can work. Who is not in a traffic jam.

Thirdly, there are the almost 500’000 GA-the owner of the best customers of the transport companies: rinse year, two billion in the coffers – a regular intake, with a better plan than with single ticket income. To related now, is an Affront.

you are worse than a sect: the leaders of almost 500’000 GA-owner in Switzerland. Someone gropes her sanctuary, follows the obligatory Cry: hands off our GA! Because in the end, is to travel by train eco-friendly. And General subscribers are the best ambassadors of the SBB. His most loyal customer you scare away with price increases.

The Protest is well-calculated: The GA owners see themselves as the great idealists, in truth they are but profane profiteers. With less than 4000 francs, you will receive access to the best public transport system in the world. A lot of users to the costs already after half a year, then you around in gondolas at the expense of the General public to the zero tariff in the country.

The GA suffers from a system failure: Because you pay everything in advance, you have every incentive to use the services excessively. The consequence of unnecessary trips, and crowded trains. The consequence of this must be: The GA should be abolished! Attractive Streckenabos for commuters from the rich to the GA-owner loyalty SBB-stay customers and not on the car require.