Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) were the victims of hackers. According to British media reports, have been published in the network of private pictures of the Royal pair, after the Computer has been hacked their official photographer Alexi Lubomirski (43). According to the “Daily Mail”, it should be hundreds of private photos of Meghan and Harry’s wedding in may 2018, of which three on Twitter and Instagram to spread.

security vulnerability is examined

Among other things, the Couple in an intimate embrace is seen. The hacking incident caused quite a stir at Kensington Palace. As an Insider reported, compared to “The Sun”, will examine the “security gap”, the police is not involved. The New York-based photographer Alexi Lubomirski for his portraits of Stars like Natalie Portman (37), Jennifer Lopez (49) or Scarlett Johansson (34) are known. Lubomirski shot next to the wedding pictures, the official engagement photos of Meghan and Harry, which were published in December 2017.

the Palace is silent to Hacker attack

After the wedding, the couple said Lubomirski in an Interview: “It was an incredible honor to document the inspiring journey of love, hope and family of the Duchess and of the Duke. From the engagement photos through the wedding pictures and family portraits. It is a beautiful Chapter in my life and in my career, I will never forget.” Neither the Palace nor the photographer have expressed previously to the Leak. (kad)