Private laboratories to begin testing COVID-19 everyone

Two laboratory service – “Hemotest” and “helix” – have been accredited in Rospotrebnadzor, has received all the necessary tolerances, and will perform diagnostics using the test systems developed by state research center “Vector”, which is also subject to the CPS. This is the same test system that is used now to identify the infected COVID-19 across the country. Thus is the decision of the government to maximize testing what last week said the Vice-Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. Study the greatest possible number of people in the outbreak of infection allows us to identify people who have the disease is without symptoms, isolate them, and thereby to contain the spread of the virus.

“helix” will be screened at the new coronavirus in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg. The list of offices where you can come to take a swab, it was specified until the last moment – March 26, it needs to be published on the official website of the company and will be added as soon as available and to connect to other offices network. “We have a total of 370 laboratory centers around the country, the project will involve 130”, – explained the “RG” in the company.

Photo: EPA-EFE/JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT fastest test to detect coronavirus

“Hemotest” while focused on Moscow and the Moscow region. “To be tested for infection COVID-19 can be in two offices in Moscow and six cities in the Moscow region, Dzerzhinsky, Podolsk, Mytishchi, Krasnogorsk, Balashikha and Odintsovo. 31 March is planned to start testing in the Crimea, in Simferopol”, – said the company.

a Fence of a smear promise to carry out with observance of all necessary safety measures: for patients with suspected coronavirus will take a special watch, divorced people at the time (assuming pre-registration) and after each room fumigated.

“the Department will be no more than three people to avoid congestion. I suggest to use a pre-order in your account on our website,” – said “RG” Director of the laboratory technologies of the “Hemotest” Tamara Silkin.

The “Helix” also promised that the design of the analysis will not take much time and the whole procedure will take only 5-7 minutes.

in the “Helix” made it clear that you intend to test only people who have no symptoms of the disease. Before the procedure, they will measure the temperature.

the result again coming to the lab is not required – it sends e-mail, the term analysis is 1-2 days.

Photo: Natalia Reshetnikova/the Russian newspaper. Even during the quarantine, not everyone can pass the test of COVID-19

research Costs are different: in the “Hemotest” test along with smear a fence will cost dearly – 1900 rubles. In “Helix” will be almost half the price. The company stressed that it is for them a social project, so the lab for these studies has agreed to work with zero profitability. “The test itself costs 600 rubles, and the cost of taking the biomaterial will vary depending on the region. In St. Petersburg it is 200 roubles, in Moscow – 300, in Yekaterinburg – 180 rubles,” – said the company.

“We hope that this solution will make test COVID-19 available for all segments of the population of Russia will allow to diagnose as much as possible the number of cases of infection and stop the spread of infection” – said the head of laboratory service “helix” Yuri Andreychuk.

Well, the key question is whether to report in withsanepidsluzhby or medical organization, patient data, if the test shows a positive result? Response expected: no anonymity.

“We are all patients served by passport. In case of detection of a positive result, we pass it to the CPS to confirm, explained Tamara Silkin. Further epidemiological activities already holds the CPS”.