In the Russian regions until June 15, extended the competitive selection of private medical organizations to receive grants for the provision of health and social services to citizens age 65 and older, including those living in rural areas.

the national project “Demography” an increasing number of elderly people will be able to receive targeted medical care.

the Participants of the new project to engage private medical companies to provide medical and social services for older people were 18 pilot regions of Russia. Among them Buryatia, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Altai, Kamchatka and Stavropol territories, Voronezh, Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Tyumen region.

In the framework of the national project “Demography” works here “the Older generation”. It involves the creation of a system of long-term care for the elderly and disabled.

According to the results of competitive selection of the private medical organizations, which will conduct medical-social patronage of the citizens older than 65 years will receive grants from the Federal budget. In order to prevent uncontrolled spending of these funds, the decision about the direction of the treatment and appointment procedures will be taken to the local doctor in the public clinic or hospital, which is attached to the patient.

As the correspondent “RG” in the Department for labour and social protection of Kostroma region, the system long-term care in the region started last year. Due to the Federal project in Kostroma dozens of low-mobility seniors and the disabled have been able to improve the quality of life. In 2019, for example, in Kostroma, opened the first “kindergarten” for seniors with cognitive impairment.

for critically ill And Kostroma, which are unable to serve themselves, but for some reason do not want to move to orphanages and nursing homes in the region have introduced the position of “public health aides” providing people with help at home. Specialists and doctors of private clinics will go on house calls to patients older than 65 years.

the project is Expected to involve private medical providers in care for the elderly and disabled at home work in Kostroma region in July. For its implementation, the region will receive from the Federal budget of 34.5 million rubles. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“To participate in the project among private healthcare organizations in February of this year was held the competitive selection, told RG” in the region. – Following the results of competition winners were recognized as two of the medical center in Kostroma. This clinic “World health” and “outpatient surgery Center”. In coordination with the Department of health, taking into account the location of the clinic and its availability for each organization was determined�� service area with the distribution of the streets.”

Previously disabled patients for MHI served the doctors of public hospitals. But with the efficiency of this assistance often had problems. Kostroma oblast does not have its own medical school, is experiencing an acute shortage of medical staff. Currently in state hospitals and clinics do not have enough 560 doctors, including doctors of narrow specialties. To get an appointment, many patients have a long time to wait for their turn.

“Often there are such situations when at the homes of the seriously ill elderly person is required to take the tests, conduct diagnostic procedures or to consult a specialist, – have informed in regional Department for labour and social protection. – Before bed patient had to be hospitalized. What is problematic, especially if a person has a lot of weight and there is no accessible environment for the transportation disabled residents. We hope that with the introduction of the pilot project on organization of medical care at home, this problem will be solved.” Officials emphasize that for an elderly person a service on call doctor from a private medical center will be free.

“Two years ago, my old mother fell and broke her hip – says kostromitsky Alla Sennikova. We spent a lot of effort and money on rehabilitation, but to return to the mother still forces doctors, unfortunately, failed. The apartment she moves a little with a Walker. But almost two years not leaving the house. We live on the fifth floor, no Elevator. Descend the stairs and go back up the elderly person is almost impossible. “Walking” mom on the balcony. Any visit to the doctor is a huge problem. If the doctors of private clinics will be free to come to her on call, for the whole family it will be a very big relief”.

“We believe that with the beginning of the pilot project providing medical care to the elderly and disabled will become more comfortable, psychologically, we are confident in the Department. – When conducting tests, examinations and medical manipulations, the person will be in a familiar home setting. For anybody not a secret that for the elderly and disabled, particularly in rural areas, any visit to a medical institution is a stress.”

Now in Kostroma are waiting for applications from private medical organizations willing to help people not only in the territory of the regional center, but also in remote villages.

“Applications and documents for participation in the competition must submit to the Ministry of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation, – told “RG” the press-Secretary of the regional Department of pon labour and social protection of population of the Kostroma region Oksana Cherednichenko. But, if the representatives of medical organizations seek information to us, we will consult”.

the national project “Demography” is calculated till 2024. For senior citizens organized health examinations, preventive examinations, and additional screenings. The project considers the needs of not only persons with disabilities but able-bodied citizens over the age of 50 years in the preservation of labor activity – they are free to learn new skills or improve skills.