On Board the ship World Dream quarantined in Hong Kong, four Russians — they are members of the crew. This was reported in the Russian Consulate, adding that symptoms of the disease in our yet. On the drifting near the Japanese Yokahama ship Diamond Princess identified ten infected. Two days with the liner was hospitalized and twenty people. Quarantined in their cabins remain 3700 passengers, including 24 Russian.

this morning, 6 February, the cruise liner Diamond Princess moored in the port of Yokohama to stock up on provisions. Today, the Japanese government has published the latest test results. The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV has increased by ten people. Ambulances took patients to the hospital.

On the balcony of the liner in the forms of passengers: once introduced severe restrictions of the regime until today, walking was the only way. Those who have no balcony, all day stay in the cabins. Among the newly diagnosed — the Japanese, Americans, Canadians, tourists from New Zealand and Taiwan.

Exit from the liner quarantine service is tightly closed with a tarpaulin from prying eyes. By noon here began to drive special vehicles of the fire Department, which in Japan is the ambulance service.

On the ship started a movement: drove medical car, flashed the lights, run people in protective suits — they took a new group of infected.

On Board the ship there are 24 Russian citizen — it is finally confirmed information. Our Embassy in Tokyo is with them in close contact — communication only by phone. On the liner tourists from Moscow, Kazan and Vladivostok. There are families with children of primary school age.

“We communicate with all our Russian group on WhatsApp, phone. All keep together well. Everyone’s mood is normal,” — said the passenger liner Diamond Princess Larisa Nesterova.

For the last day on the ship was adjusted three meals a day (meals are spread around the cabin), and was a little mitigated quarantine regime. According to the passenger Larisa Nesterova, today they were given protective masks and allowed to go out on the deck. To each other it is impossible to approach to a distance less than one meter, it is forbidden to gather in large groups, but the fresh air and walking all need.

Among the identified infected on the ship, in addition to the Japanese, the citizens of six more countries. All of them were placed in civilian hospitals of the Prefecture of Kanagawa. The question about the possibility of sending them home before the end of the treatment the Japanese authorities do not even consider.

“the Rest of the crew and passengers were not permitted to disembark from the quarantine service. Currently we are asking them to stay aboard for the required period and to take careful steps to prevent infection,” — said the representative of the Ministry of health of Japan Hiroko Otsubo.

All on Board — 3700 passengers and crew, but the Japanese took the tests only 273 people who have experienced the characteristic symptoms of colds and flu. All others will be inspected by quarantine — until he announced before February 20. The total number of infected at the moment — 20 of 102 tested. At greatest risk — more 170 people, whose results will be known in the coming days.