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– In some countries health workers opt-out to help patients who could have survived if they had received the proper treatment. We now do everything to not get in the same situation, says health minister Bent High, under the government’s daily press conference on koronasituasjonen.

Now he is asking hospitals to prepare for a verstefallscenario and increase intensivkapasiteten, according to VG.

as of today is 2. 916 norwegians confirmed infected by koronavirus, according to FHI. 237 people are hospitalized with koronasmitte, where 57 is located in a respirator. 14 norwegians are dead because of covid-19.

Cancels all written exams in primary and secondary

WILL HAVE to TAKE DIFFICULT CHOICES: the health minister Bent Tall tells during Wednesday’s press conference that the health service is going to have to take difficult choices in the years to come.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix – We set no age limit

Tall stipulates that the health services are going to have to take difficult choices and hard decisions in the days ahead.

Therefore we have created a separate guide. Those who will make the tough choices to be confident that they have the government in their back, ” says High.

In a previous høringsutkast from Helsedirektoratetet it was suggested to put an upper age limit on treatment, as they have done in Italy where no one over 60 years are offered intensive care.

This avkrefter the minister for health that will take place in Norway.

– We set no age limits. We have not done until now and what we should not do. All patients should be individually assessed regardless of health condition, age and diagnosis. Our value base in health care system changes do not.

But a 60 year minimum age was proposed in the original draft, what considerations have you made when you go away from it?

In Norway we have a long tradition of what principles we add, due priorities, and we will not have age as an independent criterion. This disappeared early out of the proposal because we worked with quality assurance, ” says High.

Korona-violation: Massive resistance against alderskriterium May have to redirect resources from the private health care

Acting assistant director in the directorate of Health, Espen Nakstad, elaborates on what should be prioritized if Norway is in a situation where the influx of patients is greater than we are able to deal with.

REDISTRIBUTION: Espen Nakstad summarizes some of the advice of the health service if they come in a situation of greater demand of koronapasienter than they have the capacity to treat.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

– We have requests from the health and omsorgstjenesten about clear prioriteringsråd about how to treat patients. The goal is to give health professionals and leaders of parent support for challenging decisions, ” says Nakstad.

Read about all the priorities here

If the influx of health services increases more than the capacity:

it Can be wise to expand the unngåelsen of physical attendance in the health care it had to be done a stronger medisinskfaglig assessment of when medical treatment should be postponed. Ethical challenges to a greater extent are discussed in the academic community. Patients should nevertheless be given relieving treatment and worthy of follow-up. Planned operations shall be adjusted to an absolute necessary level and patients must, to the greatest extent possible, be treated on its lokalsykehus. Staff at the private rehabiliteringsinstitusjoner may have to be serve to the hospitals, to mitigate the pressure on hospitals. By a great interest to emergency care, it is critical the sick that must be the priority, everything else must wait. Can be need for increased capacity on the fastlegekontorer and emergency care, must build up the capacity. The municipal health and care services need to plan to accept more patients from the hospital, and it must be up to that it can be treated more in the home. The newborn should be followed up with a check and vaccination program, and children with special needs should still be followed up in a situation where you have more demand than you can handle in the health service.

– It should not be the case that some get help and others do not, but not everyone will need the same help, and some must, unfortunately, now have to wait longer than the other, end High.

According to VG is the hospital management throughout the country asked to prepare for a verstefallscenario and prepare for the increase of intensivkapasiteten. They are also asked to examine the use of the premises outside of hospitals, according to minutes from a meeting with the minister of health today.

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