Amazon wants to become carbon-neutral

With the Initiative “Climate Pledge” to reduce its emissions, or compensate for, in order to be up to 2040, climate-neutral, said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Thursday.

Bezos wants to promote that other big companies in the Initiative to conclude. If Amazon could achieve with a lot of infrastructure and the delivery of around ten billion packages in the year, such climate targets, “then there can be any company,” said Bezos.

Renewable sources and forest reforestation

as of 2030 is to be fed, for example, Amazon’s total energy usage from renewable sources. Amazon will also invest US $ 100 million in reforestation projects, announces the Chairman of the Board.

the Largest E-car-order of all time

The first electric vans to be from 2021 to 2030, all will be 100 000 delivered. Amazon spoke of the largest ever made to order electric vehicles. They are produced by the company Rivian in the U.S. state of Michigan, in the Amazon, according to their own information 440 million dollars has been invested.

climate summit in New York

The UN climate summit of 21. to 23. September are expected to be several heads of state and government. On the of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, organized a summit of the heads of state and government will be invited leaders to set more ambitious targets for limiting global warming.

In the Paris climate agreement of 2015 has been set as a goal to limit global warming to well below two degrees and, preferably, 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial age. (SDA)

196 member States of the UN Convention on Climate change, at 12. December 2015 in Paris agreed that they want all companies to the global rise in temperature to limit, if possible, at 1.5 degrees – but also well below 2 degrees Celsius. This is to be achieved mainly through the reduction of CO2-emissions. Switzerland has also ratified the Paris agreement.

But the contract has the foot of a Horse: He sees first, no mandatory measures for the individual States, such as the CO2 emissions are reduced. Prior to the start of the climate negotiations in Paris, 187 States had submitted national climate action plans, and appropriate CO2-reduction goals. However, this would lead to a warming of about 2.7 degrees.

Secondly, a penalty not threatening any country, if it achieved the objectives, or simply do anything. On as shaky ground, the agreement, the withdrawal of the United States, the President of Donald Trump at the 1. June 2017 announced.