you ennobles the Dracula Club, blue-blood: Princess Mafalda (54) of Hessen honoured the Festival da Jazz with your visit. “Mafalda, I always bring the bite to life, inspired you, and I can steal your horses!” Since a few years, the fashion designer is the woman on the side of Rolf Sachs (63), the owner of the legendary Clubs in St. Moritz, GR.

Already the day before the opening of the month-long festival, was celebrated with a lot of celebrities, including Jürg Marquard (73). At a young age, he was, as Mister Pop is famous, today the media Mogul is also from the sounds of jazz carried away: Together with his wife Raquel, he listened to elated the sounds of the Brooklyn Funk Essentials. “The mountain air is a welcome change, if it is in Zurich hot,” says Raquel.

“Younger and cooler”

For Tyler Brûlé (50) is a mountain resort of the noble more than of variety: “This is the place I call my home.” The creative head of Canada designed one day, the Swiss Logo, most recently, the magazine “St. Moritz”. So he makes his contribution to make the Nobelort again, “younger and cooler”. Such occasions are exactly right.

The praise, the two creators of the event is happy, for twelve years, Sachs opens every summer, the doors of the it was called to exclusive Clubs, once by his father Gunter Sachs (1932-2011) to life. Founder of the Festival, Christian Jott Jenny (40) welcomed for the first time as President of the municipality of St. Moritz, in style in his specially designed Uniform in blue Velvet. “A bit funny it is, to be a guest at your own Party.” The artistic Director, he has delivered – and thus makes way for a younger Generation. The new program Director Yunus Durrer is 24 years old and brings fresh blood in the fabled Club.