Prince William (37) did not have an easy time at school. The reason is the “Topless Scandal” in 1996, Princess Diana (†36) was. She was on a balcony in Spain by Paparazzi Topless photographed.

at this time, 14-year-old William at the time, at Eton College. His classmates there went on to the publication on small Breasts of his mother funny.

Everyone had to write the images at that time,

Nicholas Coleridge (62), Chairman of Condé Nast Britain, seen now in his memoirs, “The Glossy Years: Selective Memoirs” about how much the teasing of her son, Princess Diana-loaded. At a joint Lunch at Vogue house, the Princess spoke at the time about what you lay on the heart: “Nicholas, can I ask you something? Please be honest: Have you seen the photos of me in the “Daily Mirror”? The photos above without?” He said Yes, everyone had seen the pictures at that time.

“William called me from the Eton College. The poor Boy is only 14 years old. He was so upset. He told me that the boys tease him and say that my Breasts were too small.” The Princess was confused by the statements of his school colleagues, because you asked your friend for his opinion: “Nicholas, please be open. I want to know your honest opinion. You will find my Breasts too small?” He assured her that him, her Breasts appear perfect.

Even Duchess Kate was Topless scanned

Duchess Kate (37) resist for a few years drove later the same fate. As they did in 2012, with Prince William in Provence vacation, photographed the French edition of “Closer”magazine, also her Breasts. William was reminded again of the terrible Paparazzi-hounding of his deceased mother. Because he was upset about it so he sued Closer to 1.6 million Swiss francs. (bsn)