That Duchess Meghan (37) breaks Royal Protocol, meanwhile, is nothing New. Her husband, Prince Harry (34) are playing more and more of the, however. The Royals are actually intended to let the population participate in their life. To this tradition belong to according to the pictures for the people of your vacation or of the Baptisms of their children.

But the Couple in lockdown, more and more of the Public. This should be especially Prince William (37) a thorn in the eye. The future king’s fear for the glory of the monarchy, my Insider.

“You can’t be a king and a private person at the same time, be”

Ingrid Seward (71), editor-in-Chief of “Majesty Magazine”, spoke to Channel 5’s documentary “William & Harry: the Princes At war?” the not exactly Royal behavior of the freshly baked parents of little Archie. She says: “William could hold the trial of the couple, everything as private as harmful to the monarchy’s reputation.”

The Problem was that Harry refer to himself as a private person, do so. As a private person, Seward sees him altogether: “You can’t Royal, sixth in line to the throne, and a private person at the same time.”

life of public funds, to close the Public but

So the Couple met with criticism when it announced, to the baptism of Baby Archie at home. The time was rather unfavourable: Only a week before the baptism, it became known that the Couple is large-had set a rapid 2.85 million francs of taxpayers ‘ money in the reconstruction of the Frogmore estate. Royal Fans are not used to this: Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) decide on the media at the Baptisms of all their children, at least a part of have.

Royal expert, Penny Junor (69) calls: Meghan and Harry are to give back to the Fans something – or retreat. The expert says to “Sunday Times”: “you can Either keep everything completely private, pay with your own money for your house and disappear from the Public. Or play the game according to the old rules.” (bsn)