Queen Elizabeth ll. (93) is living without her husband Prince Philip (98) in the Buckingham Palace. In the British media separation rumors to be married for 71 years, Few, according to. Because of the Prince consort, lives about 200 miles away from his Queen – he resides in the Wood Farm Cottage on the coast of Norfolk.

Also in the case of Royal events, Prince Philip,

Also in the case of Royal duty dates such as the birthday parade and his wife, the “Trooping the Color” on 8. is missing June, shone Prince Philip by its absence. However, this is probably not a sign of a separation, since 2017, the 98-Year-old is now officially in retirement. Also, the spatial separation is not to suggest, according to the Royal experts in a crisis. The distance from Buckingham Palace and the London hustle and bustle was arranged by the Queen personally. And all of this other than maliciously.

Queen Elizabeth finds that her husband has earned a proper retirement, they say. “She knows him too well – if he would still be in the centre of the Royal life, he would feel that he had to be involved,” says an Insider to the “Daily Star”. The Royal Fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Couple looks weeks, not

Nevertheless, the Queen and her husband to see because of the distance, anything other than often. “Sometimes he does not see the Queen for a week,” explains the source. “But the two talk on the phone every day.” However, what the retired Prince consort makes the whole day without his Queen? He should spend time in the cozy cabin, reading, painting, writing letters, and guests. Sounds like a well-deserved retirement – just as the Queen wishes to have him for her husband. (euc)