High and low are in these days affected, after the corona-virus has hit the world and now also increasingly spreads in Denmark.

Even the royal family is these days affected, queen Margrethe urged for consideration in a direct speech to the danes – and now has the virus also proved to be personal expenses of the prince Nikolai.

The young prince, who in addition to studying at the Copenhagen Business School working as a model, must in these days to accept that his career is put on hold. It has Photo-the magazine been confirmed.

It happens because the corona virus has done, it is very troublesome to travel between countries in these times.

Sygdomsmæssigt noted, however, that the prince’s modelling agency, Scoop Models, fortunately, is passed easily through the first part of the corona-crisis.

“We have, fortunately, no models, which is corona-infected or in quarantine,’ says Bente Lundquist, who is the agent for prince Nikolai.

The 20-year-old prince has previously gone on the catwalk for some really big fashion houses.

among other things He has been seeing in fashion shows for Dior and Burberry.

Prince nikolai’s father, prince Joachim has chosen to remain in Paris, while coronaen raging.

It is reported the royal family out recently.

Down below, where prince Joachim is staying with the princess Marie, and his two youngest children, he will participate in one of the highest-ranked military education, you can get in the country.

In these days, however, introduced a curfew to prevent corona virus to hit the country hard.