Prince Harry and Meghan Markle son Archie

the 35-year-old Prince Harry and a 39-year-old Megan Markle are often faced with the criticism: haters attack of the Dukes of Sussex on the Internet, and the media add fuel to the fire, exposing them to criticism in their publications. Therefore, spouses tend to change the nature of social networking, where you can often find intolerance and even hate.

Yesterday, the Duke of Sussex wrote an article in which he said that he and his wife take real action against the impacts of digital platforms that distribute and promote intolerance and false information.

a Little more than four weeks ago, my wife began calling business leaders, heads of major corporations and the main marketers of brands and organizations that we all use in our daily life. Our message was that the digital space is unhealthy, and companies like them, have a chance to reconsider their role in financing and supporting online platforms that have created the conditions for the crisis of hatred, health and the truth

he wrote.

Harry added that after numerous conversations with experts they came to the conclusion that society needs to “rebuild the model of the online community in such a way that it was determined rather by compassion than hatred, truth and not misinformation, justice and inclusiveness, not injustice and intimidation-free, not militant speech.”

He also noted that this issue still touches him because he has a son.

If we are so susceptible to negativity in social media, we must ask ourselves: what does this mean for our children? For me as a father this is especially important

said Harry.

the Article of the Duke of Sussex came amid ongoing legal battles with the British media, on which the Dukes sued for publishing a personal letter to Meghan Markle to his father Thomas in 2018.