a few days Ago, RTL announced gross: The Gay Bachelor is coming to Germany! The Format of “Finding Prince Charming” to be running in the US since 2016. Like the Original, a gentleman seeks the love of his life – a Lord. Instead of roses to be distributed in addition neckties.

a drag Queen and blasphemous aunt Gossipa want to see the Format as soon as possible at the Swiss TV-channels. “Finally, Prince Charming comes to Europe. I’ve waited so long and think it is high time to bring the “Gaychalor” also in Switzerland.”

Beutl would be the concept of adjusting

Ex-Bachelor Rafael Beutl (33) wants a Version of the bachelor, the talk to the LGBT Community. “At the present time of equality, you have to think of all the people,” he explains. He introduces himself, but something other than just the Bachelor for gay men. “A shipment of ten homosexual men and women would be a more exciting approach.”

Otherwise, it looks Ex-Bachelorette Adela Smajic (26). She says: “There are probably more exciting formats such as Shopping Queen or celebrity Big Brother, could you get in Switzerland.” In addition, they interfere with another Detail: “In comparison to the normal Bachelor the Chance would be higher that the candidate might have something to each other. That would be for the shipping process a bit difficult.”

3+ all leaves

a VIEW has asked the private channel 3+, if “Prince Charming” will soon be in Switzerland. Concrete plans are not seems to be the transmitter of Dominik Kaiser (49) to have. So the press writes here: “”Prince Charming” is an interesting Format. We will follow very closely how it is implemented and how it arrives at the German audience.” A later Swiss adaptation they would when it arrives, but check.

So or so: The chances are good that the German Version of the dome show has a touch of Swissness to it. Because according to the information of VIEW the producers should cast the first Swiss candidates.