Britain’s prince Charles has shown “mild symptoms”, but it is otherwise well, says the statement.

Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus. It enlightens the british royal family according to Sky News.

– He has shown mild symptoms, but in addition medically well and have worked from home the last few days as usual.

– the Duchess of Cornwall (prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, ed.) has also been tested, but do not have the virus, says in a statement from the royal family.

the Pair staying for the time being in Scotland, where they are in isolation.

Of the statement, it appears that it is uncertain as to how prince Charles has been infected with the coronavirus.

Here regard the royal family that the prince has participated in a large number of events in virtue of his public role in the past weeks.

Prince Charles is 71 years old and is the eldest son of Britain’s queen Elizabeth.

the Queen’s office at Buckingham Palace in London informs, according to Sky News, that the governor is hale and well.

the Last time she saw prince Charles, was the 12. march.

the Announcement that the prince is infected, comes shortly after, that large parts of british society have been shut down.

on Monday night declared the prime minister, Boris Johnson, that drastic action is needed to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the Uk.

In this context, called Johnson coronaudbruddet for “the greatest threat the country has faced in decades”.

He also said that the nhs will not be able to handle the outbreak, if the spread continues at the same speed as before.

Why is it provisional in the first three weeks, for example, forbidden to meet more than two people – unless you live together.

at the same time all the shops that do not sell food and other necessary goods has been closed. Previously all the country’s schools closed down.

Before the latest measures, Britain was criticised from several quarters for not to a sufficient degree to prevent infection with coronavirus.