The british prince Charles has been tested positive for the coronavirus.

It was stated by a spokesman from Clarence House, the prince’s official residence, to the british media.

‘He has shown mild symptoms, but are otherwise in good health, and he has worked from home the last few days, as usual.’

The 71-year-old crown prince met two weeks ago with Monaco’s prince Albert, which was found to be contaminated nine days after prinsernes meeting in London, writes the Daily Mail.

the Prince’s spokesman explains, however, that it is impossible to say where the infection is coming from, since prince Charles has participated at many public events in recent weeks.

Prince Charles’ wife, duchess Camilla, is not infected, but the pair are now together gone in isolation at Balmoral Castle, the royal family’s residence in Scotland.

It happens after a recommendation from the uk authorities, says the couple’s spokesperson.

the 71-year-old prince Charles is the son of queen Elizabeth and thus the heir to the throne. He is the father to prince William and prince Harry, as he had with the late princess Diana.