The much debated case of prince Andrew and his non-existing cooperation with the FBI now get the authorities to examine ‘other options’.

on Monday, the u.s. prosecutor’s office in New York informed, that the Prince continues to refuse to cooperate with the FBI in the case. It writes Reuters.

“Opposite of prince Andrews public promises of cooperation in our exploration of his relationships with Epstein, have the Prince completely closed the door for voluntary cooperation, and we therefore investigate our options,” said the american prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, at a press conference.

the Prosecutor did not want to elaborate on what options you are considering. Only the Prince did not wish to take a conversation with the FBI.

According to Reuters, it was the aforementioned press conference actually about a completely different case.

nevertheless, avoided the Berman no questions from the press about the case against prince Andrew, who has drawn headlines worldwide.

Prince Andrew is interesting for the FBI because of his close friendship to the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was examined by the FBI.

the FBI are currently investigating the late Jeffrey Epstein for sexual slavery and the sale of minors.

And it is here, the Prince comes into the picture.

The american woman Virginia Roberts Giuffre – one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex slave – has claimed for years that the Epstein on several occasions forced her to have sex with the Prince when she was just 17 years old.

Prince Andrew denies all the charges and says that he has no knowledge has to the woman.

In november pulled the Prince from his official duties due to his relationship with Epstein.

He also stressed that he was ready to cooperate to the extent the FBI wanted.

In January, the public prosecutor’s office in New York, however, that it was not quite the case. The prince had provided ‘zero cooperation’, it sounded at the time.

the Same view, the FBI has thus continued over a month later, why, then, one now considering other options.

Prince Andrew is the son of queen Elizabeth. In February, he filled the 60, but unlike its previous birthdays, there was no flag publicly for the Prince because of the charges.