Prince Albert of Monaco is the head of state, which was first hit by the coronavirus, and he is telling now how it goes with him.

For though he has quite mild symptoms, there are things he absolutely must do without because of the virus.

For example, he must do without contact with his wife and two children. He is isolated at the palace in Monaco, and it is even extra a long time ago, he was last in physical contact with the children, writes magazine People.

“(The red.) has actually been a little sick with a mavebakterie, so I have not had the opportunity to kiss them in more than a week. So I hope they will show symptoms, and it has not done so far.”

The 62-year-old prince know that he must be diligent because of his age, but also his past medical history.

for Example, he mentions that he a few years ago, had to fight with a walk pneumonia.

His current syptomer is similar to a mild flu, sounds it from him. It will say light fever, colds, and so he’s a bit put to.

Now see the prince Albert just up to that he gets well so he can be with his wife, princess Charlene, and their two children, the five-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques, as all three staying in their private villa in France.

Prince Albert uses this opportunity to strike a blow for, to show consideration in these sygdomstider.

“Follow the instructions” sounds from him, before he continues:

“do not Take easy on it here. The here virus is serious, and the spread is very serious. It can strike anyone at any age at any time.”

He turns, however, to have enough to get through it, if people just do as they’re told.