Prime Minister of Iraq, was a former Minister of communications

the Post of Prime Minister of Iraq, took Mohammed Tawfik Allawi, former Minister of communications of the country. His candidature was proposed by members of Parliament, and the President Barham Saleh agreed with her. He instructed Allawi to form a new government of Iraq.

the appointment was announced by Allawi himself in the video, which was published by one of the Iraqi news portals.

In his address, he urged Iraqis to continue the protest “until the full implementation of the requirements of the street. The new Prime Minister promised to protect the demonstrators and to end the repression.

“Now I’m at your service. If I do not fulfill the demands of the protesters, I’m not going to earn this position. And I will waive the mandate, as soon as political blocs try to impose my opinion”, — quotes the words of Allawi TASS.

Previously the Iraqi government was headed by Adel Abdel Mahdi. He resigned two months ago due to the protests that are going on in the country since October of last year. People are dissatisfied with the worsening living conditions, high unemployment and corruption. The shares are accompanied by clashes with police, riots and violence.

the Parliamentarians could not determine the candidacy of the Prime Minister conceded all the allotted time. In late January, the President gave the factions an ultimatum: they must determine the head of government for three days, or he will appoint his own.