situated in Minsk region “Borisov plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment”, the Prime Minister explained to the staff that, “if we talk in General about the situation, I don’t want to say that it is all rosy, we can emerge from this, but it is controllable”, – assured Golovchenko.

However, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers did not escape his attention, and the difficulties faced in podkarantinnoy period countries and stops the production of enterprises. According to statistics, he said, Republic “for five months lost 1.8 percent of GDP,” although, as in the EU countries these indicators are much more.

At the same time Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that private industry in Belarus even under extreme conditions, showing growth, avoiding a sharp drop of GDP. To them he assigned the agriculture, construction, information and communication.

moreover, he said, “they grow on the background of the crisis”. Good results, according to him, demonstrates to the housing. This year 8,5 thousand families have started the construction of housing with state support. But “next year, this possibility can already count about 15 thousand families”, – said the Prime Minister.

Quite stable believes Golovchenko and the situation in the consumer market. “Commodity prices soared due to the fact that the government tightly regulate them, including for socially important goods”, – he said, BelTA informs.

Further development of the country, said the head of the government of the Republic of Belarus, depends on the work of each person in his place. “It’s all the bricks that make up the overall result, as corny as it may sound. How effectively we manage each in his place to work, this will be a cumulative effect,” he concluded.