The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, is on Sunday brought to a hospital to be tested further, 10 days after he was tested positive for the coronavirus.

He has persistent symptoms of the disease, communicate to Johnson’s office in Downing Street on Sunday evening.

Johnson’s office in Downing Street describes as a ‘forsigtighedstiltag’, that he is now going to the hospital.

‘After advice from his doctor is the prime minister here this evening been admitted to the hospital to get samples,’ communicate to Downing Street.

‘It happens for the sake of security, because the prime minister continue to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus, 10 days after he was tested positive for the virus,’ it sounds it on.

Johnson’s office stresses that there is not a hasteindlæggelse.

The 27. march announced Johnson as the first head of government in the world that he was infected with the coronavirus. Since then, the 55-year-old prime minister has been isolated in its embedsbolig in Downing Street.

on Friday, he announced that he still had the high fever, but otherwise mild symptoms of the disease.

Saturday, said Johnson’s pregnant girlfriend, 32-year-old Carrie Symonds, that she has spent the past week in bed with the symptoms of coronavirus. She has not been tested for the infection.

Saturday, said Symonds, that she now felt refreshed and more comfortable.

the Pair usually stay together, but have in the past 10 days have been separated, after Johnson was declared infected.

In the message from Downing Street on Sunday evening further states that Boris Johnson thank the hospital staff for their incredibly hard work’.

He calls on the people to continue to keep within doors, in order to avoid infection.