Continues to live and develop what he wrote and what he was doing.

the country’s economy – when he was Prime Minister, he headed the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation. It began with the laws on industrial policy and small business, filled with new rules, required today.

For international cooperation – when directed by the Board of the Russian foreign intelligence, was the Minister of foreign Affairs. Thanks to him, our country has managed to make a breakthrough in relations with the countries of the Middle East.

And of course, for science – 10-volume edition of the works of academician Primakov has not contained his articles and works. And now, according to these books, learn to future economists and diplomats. They are in many University libraries.

the True value of heritage lies in the fact that there is demand for it’s descendants. Often he is addressed as practical advice for today’s life. In this sense, Primakov will remain our contemporary.

“People say, takes time. Telling people leave. Let us have time to appreciate both,” wrote Yevgeny Primakov. And we appreciate. And he was gone.