Priluchny responded to allegations of wife beating

In late winter a couple Priluchny-muceniece announced the breakup.

But nevertheless, Paul and Agatha continued to live in the same house.

Nothing good is not led in one sad day agate with children, was forced to literally flee to a city apartment.

Because, according to her, Paul, while drunk, threw her phone, the actress has published a few videos through the account of his mother Nonna muceniece said that her husband drank heavily and eventually became aggressive and it came to blows.

And here Priluchny commented on the situation. Live instagram Paul said that the husband was not beaten.

“the Question is closed for a long time. If you don’t know something, better not to meddle. Before you write some things, well consider,” quotes his words

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, in instagram Paul Priluchnogo for the first time after a long silence, a new video.

Paul walks with children and dogs. Doggie fun run near the owner, the kids look content and happy, Paul smiles.