As reports “the Fifth channel”, a famous Russian producer Joseph Prigogine re-temper after yet another indictment of the quatrains musician Sergei Shnurov in respect to his family.

Recall that the correspondence “altercation” with his Prigozhin for who of artists in the period of the pandemic was to help the state, lasts about a week.

“Shnurov need to see a psychiatrist or he began the campaign in the state Duma… Not necessary to divide the artists to the people and not the people… the Cords just hypoor!… I don’t know how to his head to get through! He just sneers, kicks… Such as it, lead to moral degradation of society,” – said Prigogine.

in addition, the producer added that he does not forgive the musician insults to his wife, singer Valeria.

“If he only barks at me — he’s doing it against women that it in principle does not touch… the meeting’s over, not exactly a handshake,” summed up Prigogine.