the First wife of Russian producer Joseph Prigogine and her children were evicted from the apartment in Moscow, because housing has been pledged to the firm, which is engaged in lending. Such details of eviction leads the “MK”.

according to the newspaper, ex-wife of producer Elena Prigozhina invested with borrowed money in the development of its business, but in the end are unable to repay the debt, and the apartment was seized. Indoor she got after her divorce from producer.

he Prigozhin told WomanHit that attempts to enter into negotiations with representatives of the company, taking an apartment in what have not resulted. According to him, the people with whom negotiations were conducted, threatened him with violence. “They say they have connections in the Ministry of internal Affairs”, — he explained.

the Producer was asked to return the apartment at least his 81-year-old former mother-in-law, but this request was refused. According to Prigogine talking about a criminal organization with many resources. However, he acknowledged that the ex-wife acted very recklessly, when he took a loan secured by an apartment.

the fact that Elena Prigogine and her children, son Dmitry and daughter leased, was evicted from the apartment, it became known on Thursday, July 16. In court the relatives of Prigogine was filed by the company benefit which they owed about 4 million rubles under the contract of financial lease. The producer has accused his ex-wife in the loss of property, stating that it “vlubilas” and all the “wasted”. He stressed that he is not ashamed for his words, because at parting gave to the spouse and children all his possessions and “went in shorts.”