Producer Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that spends at least a half to two million rubles a month. About it reports “the Fifth channel”.

He explained that invests in creativity, artists and the music and clips. According to him, he is forced to maintain six children and close relatives. “I was less than a half to two million [rubles] is simply impossible. I physically just can’t,” said the producer.

Prigogine also questioned the possibility to live on 50 thousand roubles. “I think people who say that in a month you can live to 30-50 thousand rubles, they dissemble,” said he. Prigogine added that works with 12 and can’t afford to stay in the area of earning 50 thousand rubles.

Earlier, the TV presenter Laysan utiasheva said the amount of money necessary for a quiet life. “Personally, I have 50 thousand [rubles] will live peacefully”, — said the leader. Utiasheva jokingly remarked that this amount is correct only when there are sales and discounts in clothing stores.

In July Prigogine evaluated the position of artists working in Russia. According to him, unlike colleagues abroad, who earn participation in festivals and television broadcasts and Russian artists “work like serfs”. The producer said that the musicians often sit in the jury at the song festivals, but they do not pay for it.