Producer Joseph Prigogine responded to send him and his wife, singer Valeria (Alla perfilova) humanitarian assistance of instant noodles “Doshirak”. He told about it in the comments of the Fifth channel.

may 30, this assistance was sent by the party “Communists of Russia” after a complaint from the producer to the plight of artists. The party offered “a simple and effective way not to die of hunger.” So, Prigogine advised me to go to work at the factory or at the construction site, and his wife become cleaner.

Producer considered such an act “another provocation”. He admitted that he had not heard about sending him a “humanitarian assistance” and did not understand what was going on.

Prigogine lamented that were extreme stories about the loss of income for representatives of show business, spoke out in defense of the musicians. He added that it is not rejecting his words about the plight of artists, noting that to anyone for humanitarian aid did not go and no one asked nothing.