Music producer Iosif Prigozhin in interview edition of “Sobesednik” assessment of the status of Russian artists.

According to the husband of the singer Valeria, unlike their foreign colleagues who earn participation in festivals and television broadcasts, artists in Russia “are working as serfs”. The producer lamented the fact that famous musicians are often part of the jury at the song festivals, but they do not pay for it.

“Only two artist said at the time: “no Freebies!” is Sergey Shnurov and Alla Pugacheva. If all the actors behaved, then we would have a different attitude,” — shared his point of view Prigogine.

Also, the producer said that the media had reports that some representatives of show business reacted critically to his statements about the plight of artists during the regime of isolation imposed in connection with the pandemic COVID-19, however, in talking with him, they denied what was said.

“Show business is a hypocritical community, liars in the eye,” concluded Prigozhin.

a Wide public resonance was caused by the words of Prigogine that the representatives of the Russian show-business is no less affected by restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection a new type of concerts there, and many were without money. Some time later, husband of Valeria was criticized by many celebrities, including musicians Sergei Shnurov and Yury Loza, actor Alexey Panin, the trainer of cats Yury Kuklachev and other famous personalities. Then, the producer complained that wished to speak to the critics on the phone, but they didn’t answer his calls. First among the stars about the difficult situation of artists in a pandemic — a stripper Tarzan (real name – Sergey Glushko). The scandal has reached the point that among ordinary Russians, there were those who decided to assist the instigators of this story. As written media, entertainers from Omsk sent humanitarian aid to “needy” Prigogine and Tarzan.