Producer Joseph Prigogine argued with composer Yuri Loza because of the fees of singer Lolita. About it reports “the Fifth channel”.

the Vine believes that the singer is “snickering” as it gets for speaking out about 40 thousand euros. He reminded that the wages of the miners engaged in heavy labor, does not exceed 50 thousand rubles.

Prigogine called lolita dignified and professional artist who is worth the money. “She can afford a million to ask, and two, and one hundred million. There are certain conditions her salary. Each has its own economy and its cost”, — said the showman.

He added that he believes that the Vine behaves like a man. According to Prigogine, the composer must not give advice to lolita.

Earlier in July, Prigogine evaluated the position of artists working in Russia. According to him, unlike colleagues abroad, who earn participation in festivals and television broadcasts and Russian artists “work like serfs”. The producer said that the musicians often sit in the jury at the song festivals, but they do not pay for it.