The price supervisor and the SBB – a love story the no. This was also yesterday at the annual media conference of Price regulator, Stefan meierhans (50) in Bern. He referred to the “exceptionally difficult” negotiations with the SBB. In the VIEW Interview, he explains why, to him, the excessive gains in passenger traffic are a thorn in the eye. And what he wants to do about it.

Meier, Hans you have is with the SBB for the last year, a discount and coupon action, with the should flow back up to 80 million Swiss francs to SBB customers. Has it worked?
Stefan Meier, Hans : Not so, as we have imagined it to be originally. The coupon of action for GA-customers was only a moderate success.

GA- SBB-vouchers to the value of 120 francs – for on-Board catering, class exchange, Luggage transport, and train travel abroad. How much was redeemed by the theoretically 57.6 million Swiss francs?
We have expected a Einlösquote of 25 to 50 percent. It is far less: Only 12.7 percent of the total, were effectively redeemed, that is every eighth coupon.

you can not tell me.

There is still potential to above. The detail is, we do not have numbers yet, but on-Board catering and change of class have clearly works better as Luggage service and travel Abroad. For me it is clear: voucher solutions must be replaced by better solutions. After all, the SBB have increased but the number of supersaver tickets, which are very popular. So much money was refunded.

GA- but nothing.
This is so. Therefore, we will look at the current discussions with the SBB, which are possible solutions. We want to draw Lessons from the past – but this is not the case the SBB so far, unfortunately, very large.

It comes to the question of how much profit and what are the prices in passenger transport are appropriate. The principle is clear: What is an adequate level, you must land via discounts and incentives for customers to pay which much. So you would have to, for example, in the case of the half-fare travelcard and Streckenabo customers think about a discount.

DCX STORY: doc74c46voq1cg118bjf82u [Lord of the prizes]

first of all: An excessive profit is simply a note on excessive prices. In this respect, it is the issue for us. Because of the favorable interest rate environment, a profit that goes beyond 100 million francs, barely more appropriate for the purposes of the price control act. Because the prices would then be too high.

the price of an issue increases, neither for us nor for the SBB. It needs tangible refund actions.

The sum is likely to be this year, in a similar framework.

I don’t buckle that I have in price reductions. According to the law, I shall try to find but first a friendly settlement. The fails can I open a procedure. But still the negotiations are ongoing and a lengthy process before the Swiss Federal court is neither in the interest of the customers of all the other.

It depends on the course of the negotiations. If necessary, we will put the SBB a period of time.

The profit is simply a note on excessive prices. And: of Course, it needs investment. But the customers don’t need a gold-plated railway wagons, but a good and efficient service at reasonable prices. And don’t forget: The SBB to shareholders with dividends, the entire profit remains for investment with you.

more Than ten years, Stefan Meier, Hans (50) Monsieur Prix. And since yesterday, he is in this function, now also officially on Twitter As @mist prices he wants to respond to “prices and price-relevant topics”. The St. gall lawyer wrote his doctoral thesis on the Nordic sales law – which is why he also speaks pretty good Swedish. Prior to his time as a Price regulator Meier, Hans worked in the Federal Department of justice and the police Department and at Microsoft Switzerland. He is a member of the CVP, and with the Ex-General Secretary, Beatrice Wertli (43) married. The Couple has two daughters and lives in Bern.