The public TRANSPORT fares in Switzerland are hard enough to understand. The reasons are many – a key, however, lies in the division into Regional and long-distance transport. The subsidised regional transport is widely provided in the Networks that have now adopted the part of monstrous dimensions. An example: Schaffhausen and Zurich are both in the area of the Z-pass. You are 54 (Fare)miles apart. With a classic agglomeration traffic, has nothing more to do.

With these dimensions, one has to ask whether a classic zone ticket – which can be designed for transport – here is a customer need? Is the big advantage that you can use in all zones, all means of transport. The sale of zone tickets on long-distance transport no longer a rarity routes. Many of the users of such Connections to would appreciate a “mere” station-to-station ticket. The zuggebundenen supersaver tickets would be a good Alternative. Unfortunately, it seems that the idea of the Ally, there is little love. Nevertheless, the question remains: What reasonable arguments are there for the customers, that you can travel from Olten to Luzern with a cheap saver ticket, but not from Schaffhausen to Zürich?

The frequent complaints, for example about high prices, or Ghost zones, in which there is not a stop, to show me that the customer has not kept satisfaction with the growth of networks step. I would therefore strongly advice to check whether the idea of the supersaver tickets could not make a significant amount of customer satisfaction. What do you mean?